Your Innkeepers

River House Inn owners

A dream come true for Bonnie and Lisa who are thrilled to be the new innkeepers for the River House Inn as of 2023. Having been in a partnership together since 2009 as residential real estate professionals, they had hoped to one day find a special property and open it up to guests and visitors. Their search for the perfect place brought them to Snow Hill, MD and the River House Inn.

Bonnie's background in renovation and design as well as her extensive experience in the wedding and event business is helping to create a unique and special experience for the guests and visitors to the inn. Bonnie's love of homes and gardens is bringing a new vision to the inn. You will find her at the inn most days alongside her husband, Chip, and possibly one or more of their grandchildren who love to come visit her.

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge to the inn with her experience of running a business for multiple years in the food industry. She is excited to share her passion for hospitality with guests and visitors. She can be found at the inn in the kitchen focusing on menu ideas or outside enjoying the near-by parks and beaches with her husband Erik and on occasion, one or more of their three grown children.

Another important person you may meet at the Inn when you visit is Joe. Joe is Bonnie's brother and a valuable member of the River House Inn team. We refer to him as "River House Joe". He is a source of knowledge for the guests and happy to share his favorite spots and hidden gems around the charming town of Snow Hill.

Whether guests are looking for a relaxing getaway or a beautiful venue for their special event, Bonnie and Lisa are dedicated to making sure that every detail is taken care of. From the stunning grounds to the charm of the historic home, the River House Inn offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

The team of Bonnie, Lisa and Joe are committed to providing exceptional service and creating a truly experience for all who visit ensuring that each stay is memorable.